The Runners

From Lexicanum

Sirius (Gill) -  female, Human, UCAS citizen, 26 years old, Occult Investigator.
El Torro (Les) - male, Human, 23 years old, un-SINned, Street Samurai.
Polo (Brian) -  female, Ork, 16 years old, UCAS citizen, Gunslinger Adept.
zipCode (Jim) - male, Dwarf, 33 years old, un-SINned, Hacker.
Jaxx  (Martin) - male, Human, UCAS citizen, ex Mercenary.   
Arclight (Keith) - male, Human., Russian, ex-Speznatz.

Kitsune (Keith) - male, Human, Imperial Japanese citizen, 27 years old, Covert Ops Specialist - deceased.
Ghost (Martin) - male, Human, UCAS citizen, age unknown, Hacker - deceased.
Spirit (Jill) - female, Human, UCAS citizen, Eco-warrior Shaman. - retired
Blackout (Ian) - male Human, un-SINned, Mage - retired.

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