annals of the Thursday (and Sunday) Knights

Currently In Play
The Curse of the Crimson Throne
Forgotten Realms
The Heroes of Mistledale

Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha

Coming Soon
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

Previously Played
AD&D Birthright - Roesone 
D&D3.0 Forgotten Realms - Spider Queen of the Dalelands 
D&D3.0 Greyhawk - Ashardalon Rises
D&D3.5 Greyhawk - The Savage Tide
Shadowrun 3 - Life In The Shadows  D&D3.5 Greyhawk - The Age Of Worms
Call of Cthulhu - Beyond The Mountains of Madness Cthulhu by Gaslight - Eyes For The Blind
Mage Mummy
Werewolf Wraith
World of Darkness Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords
Changeling Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire
Werewolf - Finance in Peril Pathfinder - Council Of Thieves
In Nomine - Masada Shall Not Fall Pathfinder - Serpent's Skull
D&D3.5 Forgotten Realms - Expedition to Undermountain Pathfinder - Shattered Star
Traveller - Beltstrike Campaign
Hackmaster - Frandor's Keep 
The One Ring Runequest (Mongoose) - The Long and Winding Road
Numenera Runequest 2
Victoriana The Laundry
Pendragon Deathwatch
In Nomine - Relics of Destiny Stormbringer - Island of the Purple Towns 
Conan - Trial of Blood AD&D Planescape  
Call of Cthulhu - Tatters of the King Legend of the Five Rings
Space 1889 Star Wars - Voyages of the Blue Dolphin
Middle Earth Role Playing - The Company of the Last Bridge Shadowrun - On The Run
Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy Shadowrun - Back in the Boardroom
Pathfinder - Reign of WinterShadowrun - The Artefacts Run
Fading Suns Warhammer FRP - Paths of the Damned
Starfinder - Shattered Star The Dying Earth
D&D 3.5 Greyhawk - The Red Hand of Doom Judge Dredd
Starfinder - Dead SunsPathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous
D&D 3.5 - NecropolisD&D 3.5 Greyhawk - The Scourge of the Howling Horde
D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms -  Heroes of MistledalePathfinder - The Curse of the Crimson Throne
Traveller - The Trojan Reach
Shadows of Yog-SothothRunequest - Roleplaying In Glorantha
Dungeons & Dragons