The crew of the Ethership Gossamer Wings

Mr Marvin Krapper (Keith) - a somewhat rough and ready but honest former soldier of the Queen.
Miss Wilamena Forsyth
(Gill)  - a daring adventuress and sometimes agent of the Foreign Office.
Sir Henry Rawlinson
(Les) a bluff and hearty big game hunter with a fondness for a tipple.
Mr Gerald Halpin Esq.
(Brian)a dashing young gentleman, a former cavalry officer now of the Colonial Office.
Maj. Henry Connolly (Eamonn) - a retired officer of the Rifle Brigade.
Mr. Dorian Smith (Martin) - an inventor and ex-Navy man.

Other interested parties...
Mr Edward Rookwood, an explorer and inventor, (Ian)
Miss Harriet Petheridge,a former governess turned adventuress, (Jill)
Mr Cyrus Grant, inventor of the Ether Propeller (a Non Player Character)
Mr William Sykes, a shifty looking ex-thief, (a deceased Non Player Character)
Roberts, a manservant in the employ of Sir Henry, (a Non-Player Character)