The Web of Deceit 

Federal Entanglements

Dragon Hunt


One Stage Before

Harlequin's Back

Queen Euphoria

Eye Witness

Dream Chipper

Super Tuesday


A Killing Glare 

MobWar - Part One

Eye of the Eagle

Mob War - Part Two

Bottled Demon

Predator and Prey - Part One

Brainscan - Light Meets Night

Predator and Prey - Part Two

Brainscan - Breakthrough

 Brainscan - My Name is Legion

Brainscan - Revelations

Brainscan - Outside Influence

Brainscan - Return of The Father

Brainscan - Runners ex Machina

Wake of the Comet - The Messenger


 Wake of the Comet - Catch a Falling Star

System Crash - Cal Free

Wake of the Comet - The Price of Liberty

System Crash - A Knight In Distress

System Crash - Through Hel And Back


System Crash - A Long Night

Double Cross

System Crash - Harbingers of Winter

A Dark And Stormy Night

System Crash - The Singularity Event

Crash 2.0