The Party

From Lexicanum

Kylar Stern (Martin), a human rogue and a ladies man, recently departed the Shackles - one step ahead of an irate husband. Finally slain by a serpenfolk in Ilmurea.
Malwen (Gill), an elf druid from the Lost Coast.
Handra (Keith), a human Beguiler from Mwangi, freed from slavery in Magnimar, kIlled by a chimera in Saventh-Yhi.
Enelia Galanodel (Brian), an elf Ranger from Bloodcove, with a special affinity for finding traps.
Drusi Lorrimar (Les), an elf Cleric of Sarenrae from Cheliax.
Dingle Dongleson (Eamonn), a gnome Bard and "a comedy legend".
Untomo (Keith), a human Fighter from Mwangi, killed by a giant slug in the Vaults of Madness.
Savinesh (Keith), a female elf Monk.
Grimnir (Martin), a dwarf fighter.