The Liberators of Kelmarane

Martin Kafi abu Hares a human cleric of Sarenrae - killed by a wereleopard in the Refuge of Nethys
Ardeth Bay a human Barbarian - assassinated.
Alyssa, ahuman Sorcerer.
Keith Barid Sajan Jehesheri  human Rogue/Bard - assassinated.
Marik -  Human Fighter -  beaten-up by a fire elemental then fireballed while unconscious.
Aludrin - an Eleven Archer
Gill Sandrena  Half-elf Druid - eaten by a dust-digger in the pesh fields of Kelmarane
Farrak - human Druid - gored by Old Bonegrinder in the outskirts of Kelmarane
Gromranda Ragnark - Dwarf Cleric of Torag
Brian Ash-ara a human Rogue, embarrassed by a confused gnome
Kaliel a hman Monk  - crisped by a fireball from Zayifid
Durvek a dwarf Fighter - drained of life by the spectre of Fadiyah Al'Qirym 
Art  a halfling Cleric of Sarenrae, the Mouldspeaker.
Ian Sparky a gnome Wizard - slain by the axe of The Carrion King
Raman a human Wizard, lost somewhere in Kakishon.
Jill Neryl - an elf Wizard/Cleric of Nethys,killed in the defence of Kelmarane
Les Raschid, a human Fighter, the Abbot Protector