Dramatis Personae






John Myler

Ex CEO Workaholic, Hierarchy Type, In Atlanta, Shadow is Jonnie Gangsta


Chuck Porter

Big Time American Football Hero, Hierarchy Follower, In Atlanta, Shadow is "The Freak with No Name"

Ian M

Franco Reddechy

Italian/American Restaurant Owner, No Affiliations, In Atlanta, Shadow is Ash'tar'nargafagrak the Freak


Renata Deveraux

Was an Opera Singer, In Atlanta, Shadow is Renee the Monster.


Johnny "Ace" Daniels

Renegade Loner and Crushed Bike Punk from 1959, In Atlanta, Shadow is Dwaine.


Randy Waterstone

Reactionary Student, Renegade Type, In Atlanta, Shadow is "The Abuser with no Name"




Chronicle: - Welcome to the Night Side (An Intro to Atlanta)


Atlanta – Saturday 11/11/95


New Characters -    Randy Waterstone (Gill); Chuck Porter (Brain); John Myler (Tara); Renarta Deveraux (Les); Johnny 'Ace' Daniels (Jim); Franco Reddechy (Ian M).


This little session was centred on getting the characters all to know each other; it was focused on an evening at the Requiem (a converted church & night club).  Those of the hierarchy were told that there would be renegades & or outsiders there and they should go there and either watch them or spy on them or spy on the opposing faction spies. 


Those who were renegades heard that the Deacon (a 50's renegade wraith guru) might be there. John, Chuck & Renarta went there together, although Les was not sure that Renata was actually hierarchy and it was noted by her legion that she was less that enthusiastic. 


John got sidetracked on the way, and spent some time following what she assumed was a vampire tramp/high lifer.  Franco was sent by his legion to spy on the others. Randy & Ace both went to the club to meet with other renegades and to hopefully meet the Deacon. 


They met Mouse, Wendy and Lisa (three young renegades) and Wendy’s shotgun wielding shadow. Chuck insinuated himself into the group then gave himself away, was attacked by Ace, and summoned some enforcers to save him, a battle ensued amidst the dancing mortals.  Chuck was defeated and his corporeal presence dissipated (although he was not harrowed for his troubles).  Renarta grew somewhat attached to the band (the Night Angels, particularly the lead guitarist, Nat (Nathanial) Tome). 


Basically, yes they met each other, yes they would recognise each other again and yes Ace indeed has a reputation as a renegade nutter.  The shadows tried their best, but they didn't do much damage.  All the wraiths departed, in what company, we do not know.  Chances of another Wraith session any time soon seem rather unlikely with this bunch of characters J