The crew of the Blue Dolphin

From Lexicanum

Bret “Slim” Arthur
(Ian) – an Alliance fighter pilot, assigned as aide to Senator Liliana, currently on assignment on Yavin 4.
Senator Liliahna  (Jill) – member of the now-dissolved Senate, a recent convert to the Rebel Alliance, currently on assignment on Yavin 4.
Gant Barco (Brian) - an outlaw, wanted in sixteen seperate systems (or so he claims), for crimes against the Empire.
Ogela Osram (Gill) – owner of the Blue Dolphin, now reduced to running supplies for the Alliance after one too many Imperial entanglements!
“Greasy” Joe (Les) – ship’s engineer on the Blue Dolphin, and distant relative of Ogela
Nedrion “Old Ned” Avalon (Keith) – the Blue Dolphin’s self-appointed cook – a crazy old man with a mysterious past, killed in Otherspace.
Hodreth (Keith) - a Wookiee, a survivor from the doomed Alliance prison ship Celestial.