Graveyard of Alderran

Episode One - Bazaar

Scene One: Jungle Assassin

Senator Liliahna was dispatched on the Blue Dolphinto the Ilthorian herd ship Bazaar on a re-supply mission for the Rebel Alliance – looking forward to a danger-free mission and also the opportunity for a few days well-earned R&R.  After arriving safely aboard the Ithorian herd-ship, the Rebel party took one of the turbo-lifts to the upper level. As they headed  down one of the jungle trails around the village of Isttu, when their stroll was interrupted by the harsh crack of blaster fire. Ahead of them on the trail, a man burst through the undergrowth carrying  a blaster, he looked frantically behind him and another flurry of blaster bolts singed the air around him. Looking around frantically the man dived into the undergrowth across the path, disappearing from view. A moment later, following him, a menacing looking droid emerged from the forest. The droid stopped for a moment to scan the party, then disappeared once more in the dense vegetation, firing as it went.

For a second the members of the party looked at each other – so much for R&R! The rebels leaped into action, heading into the jungle in pursuit of the assassin droid. While Old Ned, Slim, Joe and Gant made their way down the path to where to the droid had crashed through the undergrowth; Liliahna and Ogela ducked into the jungle and began crashing through the undergrowth.

Liliahna arrived first to witness the droid catch up with its hapless victim, who fell to the ground as a blaster bolt seared into him. Liliahna fired off a shot towards the droid as her colleagues arrived. Ogela fired at the droid, which whiled and fired at her twice. Slim and Gant also fired of catching the droid with glancing hits. Old Ned, belying his age, ran up to the droid and taking out a lightsabre, held it against it’s casing pressed the activation stud.  As he did so the others unleashed another fusillade of blaster fire and the droid crashed to the ground - a smoking sparking ruin.

While Joe pored over the sparking remains of the droid, Ogela and the others went to see how it’s target had fared. Unfortunately he was beyond help, but with his dying breath had scratched the word “Kamiroz” into the earth next to him. Ogela searched the body discovering from hid ID that  the dead man was a miner called Hanos Darr.

Scene Two: Isttu Investigations

Leaving the scene of the crime, the group headed on into the village of Isstu. Having involved themselves in the dead miner’s affairs, Liliana resolved to solve the mysterious clue left by him. After spending some time in the local cantina listening to the conversations and rumours – “the Alliance had been destroyed in a final battle ”; a “crime lord was vacationing on the Bazaar”; “a ghost ship keeps appearing an disappearing throughout the sector”; “spider-like aliens were planning on invading the galaxy”

After a few drinks, Ogela decided she was hungry and they decided to gram a bite to eat in the Jungle Café. After eating, the rebels spent the rest of the afternoon wandering round the village, getting to know the layout, doing some shopping, and keeping a sharp ear out for any mention of Hanos Darr  or the mysterious “Kamiroz”. They quickly discerned that the miner’s body had been found - the story going the rounds was that the miner had destroyed the assassin droid before dying of his wounds. According to rumour the local authorities suspected that the assassin droid must have had accomplices as the miner’s blaster pistol, with which he’d defended himself, was nowhere to be found at the crime scene.

Late that afternoon, they checked into the less expensive of the village’s two hotels. While chatting with the desk-clerk Ogela managed to find out that Darr had been staying at the hotel as well. After settling into their rooms and refreshing themselves; Ogela, Liliana and Slim made their way to the unfortunate miner’s room. Fortunately the authorities had not got there yet and sealed the room. Ogela managed to bypass the security lock and they went in. The room was a twin, the beds not slept in, and there were two travel bags – Darr had not been alone!

While Lilania stood watch outside - keeping a keen eye out for the authorities, Ogela and Slim searched the room thoroughly. They took care not to leave fingerprints, but despite generally trashing the place - even empting the miner's  toothpaste tubes and cutting their bars of soap up - found little of interest other than that the miners had been working the Alderaan system. They were just about to leave when they suddenly notices a light flashing on the commlink – there was a message stored. Ogela played the message back – it was from an Ithorian with distinctive spotted markings on his face – he warned the miners that that were in danger and bid them come to his shop as soon as possible.  Ogela deleted the message and they left, heading out into the village to grab a bite to eat.

Next morning, Liliana and the others headed out to tour the shops again, this time looking for an Ithorian with the distinctive markings on his face.They quickly found who they were looking for in the Droid shop. The Itorian, Poltiss, said “Thank the Force you’ve arrived” and swiftly shut the door behind them. He told them that Kamiroz, Darr’s partner was still alive and had important message for them. Poltiss had arranged for the miner to be hidden by a friend of his – one of the priests who tended the Mother Jungle on the lower deck of the Bazaar

Thanking Poltiss for his efforts, Lilianna swiftly led Ogela and Slim to  the nearest turbolift. Using the code Poltiss had given her they were able to dro down to the lowest lever of the Ithorian ship – where normally visitors were not permitted. This level of the enormous ship was more functional that the two above, save for in the centre where, in a huge dome, was a transplanted piece of the jungle from the Ithorian homeworld

Making their way to the jungle, they were met by the agitated figure of a robed Ithorian, presumable the priest spoken of by Poltiss. The priest bade them hurry as “evil men had entered the jungle and would harm their guest”. Dashing into the jungle area, following a faint trail, the rebels could hear blaster fire coming from ahead.   Ogela ran forward almost crashing into two assassins who were just on the point of finishing off Kamiroz.

A frantic gun battle erupted as Slim and Liliana arrived and the two assassins were slain, although Slim was wounded in the process. Kamiroz however was badly wounded and Ogela went to work with a medi-pack. Before the miner passed out however, he was able to pass on his message. “The Royal Palace of Alderaan had been found almost intact in the remains of the planet and someone claiming to be Bail Organa had been found living there! The report had been filed at Mining Outpost 11, where he and Darr had been stationed”  

Episode Two - Walking in the Graveyard

Scene One: Mining Outpost 11

Dropping out of hyperspace in the Alderran system, the Blue Dolphin was confronted by the shape of a massive warship heading towards them on a collision course. Ogela frantically dived for the controls and at the last minute managed to put the Dolphin into a steep dive - missing the oncoming vessel by scant metres. While Liliana tried to unsuccessfully to raise the other vessel on the commlink, Joe ran a sensor sweep, only to find the other vessel had vanished! However from the sensor logs he was able to identify the vessel as an Alderran War Frigate. They’d met the “ghost ship” spoken about by the old spacer back on the Bazaar. Once everything had settled down, Ogela carefully piloted the Dolphin into the asteroid field to wait for Slim to arrive.  Once Slim’s x-wing dropped out of hyper several hours later, the pair headed off to Mining Outpost 11. On arrival at the base they were challenged by the outpost’s control room, but a story of needing to stop for repairs from Liliana seemed to satisfy them and permission to dock was obtained.

While Joe began running diagnostics and fussing around the ship doing the “repairs” the others headed into the mining outpost. Gant and Liliana went first - heading up to the middle deck and the rec. room where they began questioning the miners. A little while later Joe, Ogela and Slim left the ship and headed into the outpost making their way to the lounge area. Back in the rec. room one of the miners – a big burly Gammoran - took exception to Gant’s questions and threw a punch, when Gant retaliated (albeit pulling his punch) the miners buddies with stepped up from their table, one of them pushing Liliana aside. The senator paused for a moment to call the others for help on her com-link, before stepping forward and pole-axing the miner with an expertly judged kick to the crotch

As the brawl continued, the other miners in the rec. room watched on appreciatively, however when Ogela and the others arrived they looked  speculatively to see if the newcomers would involve themselves. Realising that getting involve would probably spur the other miners in the room to join in to assist their colleagues Ogela leaned casually against the wall and watched, taking their lead from the smuggler Joe and Slim did likewise, although the young pilot kept his eyes on the senator in case she were hurt. The senator however seemed more than capable of handling herself in a fight as she dodged a punch that came swinging in. Gant, realising he was wasting his time pulling his punches, unleashed a massive haymaker against the bruiser he was fighting – stunning him.  After that the brawl was swiftly resolved - Liliana dropped her second miner and Gant finally put the big Gammorran down on the floor. The newcomers having proved themselves, one or two of the miners even applauded, the miners seemed much more open and friendly.

While the others settled down in the rec. room and the galley, Ogela and Slim went to report in to the Outpost Commander who they found in the Mine Control centre. Afterwards, Ogela began to prowl around the station trying to get the layout in her mind – and also identify potential access points to the outpost’s computer systems. After an hour or so wandering round, she returned to the rec. room to brief her colleagues.

From her survey of the base, Ogela had identified three possible access points to the Outpost’s computers – the Mine Control centre, the Outpost Control Centre of the Asteroid tracking station. After some debate they decided the easiest point to try and infiltrate the Outpost’s computer systems and download the survey report was in the asteroid tracking station on the lower level as that appeared to be unmanned. After waiting for the station to shift to night-shift mode, the rebels trooped down there, dragging Joe’s R2 unit, POL-e, along with them to download the data into.

While Joe attempted to access the computers, watched by the others, Gant stayed out in the corridor trying to look inconspicuous. Finally Joe managed to locate the survey data and began downloading into POL-e, just as he did so in the corridor outside Gant was startled as someone fired a blaster-bolt at him, from the dimly lit corridor. Gant immediately ducked into the room with the others to warn them only to watch in horror as the door locked itself behind him.

Joe called out that he would try to open the door from the computer system, but Gant took more direct action firing his blaster into the door’s locking mechanism! As the door slid open unfortunately, a blaster bolt from the corridor hit the outlaw and he crumpled to the floor. Joe rushed over to help only to have another bolt hit him and he joined Gant on the floor. Crouching down Liliana quickly ascertained that they were only unconscious - whoever was firing at them, their blaster was set to “stun”!  Slim and Ogela meanwhile dived into the corridor blasters blazing – the Force was with them as one of them managed a hit and the shadowy figure crumpled against the far wall.
As they got to their feet however, things rapidly got worse as round the corridor from the other end Ogela spotted the familiar white armoured figures of Imperial stormtroopers. As she fired off a couple of shots – causing the stormtroopers to scatter and dive for cover, she shouted at Slim and Liliana to grab their unconscious friends and head for the hanger deck. As Ogela continued blasting at the stormtroopers, Liliana and Slim staggered down the corridor carrying their burdens.

Seeing her friends reach the turbolift to the hangar deck, Ogela began a fighting retreat, dodging the blaster bolts from the stormtroopers. Once the lift had delivered them to the hangar deck, Ogela fried the controls with a single shot. Slim dumped Gant in the hatchway of the Dolphin, calling to his astromech unit to prep his x-wing for immediate launch. Once Ogela was aboard the Dolphin herself she swiftly prepped the ship for launch and the rebels departed.

Safely away from the outpost, and hidden in the asteroid field they perused the survey report. It confirmed that message that Kamiroz had given – somehow, part of the Royal Palace had survived the destruction of Alderran, more importantly the survey report included the precise co-ordinates of the asteroid the remnants of the palace was located on. Furthe examination of the data stored in POL-e showed that they had also acquired an Imperial commiunication to Darth Vader implying that this whole thing was an elaborate trap to capture Princess Leia and her friends.  

Scene Two: Asteroid Run

Deciding to spring the Imperial trap that had been set up for Leia and her friends, Slim and Ogela steeled their nerves and began to pilot their ships cautiously in the maelstrom of spinning diving asteroids the survey report had pointed them towards. The asteroid belt here was at it's thickest and most dangerous and on board the Blue Dolphin all hands were at action stations - Joe was in the turret of the ship's laser cannon, Liliahna was anxiously scanning the sensors and old Ned  was making deep fried sandwiches in the galley!

As they began to move through the swirling field of rocks, some as large or larger than the Blue Dolphin, at first things went well, but Slim's more nimble x-wing quickly got separated from the larger ship as the two pilot ducked and weaved amongst the tumbling asteroids that were all that remained of once-proud Alderran. Suddenly Liliahna spotted an anomalous blip on her sensor screen - there was something out there that most certainly wasn't an asteroid! swinging round in the laser turret, Joe quickly spotted the culprit - an Imperial probe droid - and locked-on his targeting systems.Ogela, mindful of the asteroids spinning crazily around her began to initiate some evasive manoeuvres as Joe opened fire, blowing the droid into pieces!

However as the began moving forward again, it quickly became apparent that the probe droid had got a signal off before Joe had destroyed it as a larger imperial battle droid hove into view, ion-cannons firing. Ned, abandoning the galley headed for the comms unit to call Slim for assistance. While Joe and the battle droid traded shots, Slim receiving the message, swing his x-wing round and began the dangerous traverse back towards the Blue Dolphin.

While Ogela started a series of evasive manoeuvres and Joe and the battle-droid traded shots, old Ned started playing with the comms unit spouting a stream of gibberish out into space - but was most surprised when someone appeared to answer him!

Ogela, tired of playing with the battle droid suddenly accelerated the Blue Dolphin, swatting aside a couple of asteroids, causing minor hull damage but leaving the droid behind. Slim fired off a proton torpedo finally managing to destroy the droid.

Leaving the worst part of the field, they arrived at their destination 

Scene Three: Asteroid 7785

Managing to land safely on the surface of the asteroid, ahead of them they could see a large cave mouth - someone had been here before theme as the shimmer of a magnetic field across the mouth of the cave hinted at an atmosphere beyond - which Liliahna's sensors confirmed. Donning breath masks they began the short trek to the cave. As the neared it they could see a pulsing red glow from within. Moving through the force-field they found themselves in a huge cave, the source of the red glow appeared to be over on their right and they began moving cautiously in.

Arriving first at the source of the glow, old Ned discovered it was a severely damaged Imperial probe droid, Joe moved forward to examine the wrecked droid and quickly discovered that it's power cells had ruptured and the whole thing was likely to explode! Just as he did so Slim caught the glint of light on white armour out of the corner of his eye as across the cave, stormtroopers began emerging from their hiding places. The ambush was sprung!

As blaster bolts exploded all around them, the Rebels dived for cover, all the time anxiously looking at the wrecked probe droid, in case a stray blaster bolt hit it and hastened the inevitable explosion. As their officer order the stormtrooper's advance, the rebels began returning fire, dropping two of the stormtroopers with well aimed shots.

Slim, followed by Joe, started heading for the exit, only to see the way blocked by more stormtroopers, they fired off a couple of shots, but the troopers managed to get to the forcefield at the mouth of the cave, strengthening it to an impenetrable barrier. Ogela and Liliahna,secure behind their cover,  laid down a barrage of shots against the imperials as the battle raged, both sides taking minor casualties. Gant, concerned for the Senator, called on her somewhat exasperatedly to withdraw!

Back nearer the mouth of the cave things were not going so well, though taking their toll of the stormtroopers, both Slim and Joe had taken wounds. Ned, who had moved deeper into the cave, seeking better cover to return fire from, suddenly spotted what looked like a doorway embedded into the rock wall of the cave and called to the others. Ogela and Liliahna began heading for the old man while Gant provided a covering fire.

One of the stormtroopers reacted, using a shoulder mounted repeating blaster to start systematically blowing apart the cover Ned was taking refuge behind. The old Jedi fired off a few shots randomly, but was aided when a single shot from Gant wounded the trooper, forcing him to drop the repeating blaster.

As Ogela and Liliahna started heading towards Ned, things took a turn for the worse for the rebels and both Gant and Joe took more wounds, crumpling to the ground unconscious. Near the cave mouth, Slim leaped to his feat and grabbing Joe slung him over his shoulder and began retreating.  Liliahna revered her run towards Ned and swung back towards Gant and began dragging the unconscious outlaw towards the rear of the cave. As they did so the tortured whine of the ruptured power cells in the probe droid reached a crescendo, the stormtroopers charging forwards suddenly realised what was about to happen and began to flee. As Ogela, tried to open the doorway Ned had found, the old man used a medi-pack on Gant. Eventually the rebels managed to get through the doorway, scant seconds before the probe droid exploded, collapsing the cave they'd just left.
The Rebels gazed round as they found themselves in what was obviously once a gallery in the palace, suddenly one of the holo-displays shifted, changing form into a black armour clad figure welcoming "the Princess" and her friends, old Ned breathed the name "Anakin" before recoiling in some distress.

As the rebels began exploring the ruined complex, they discovered other holograms, one of Grand Moff Tarkin ordering the Death Star to destroy Alderran and one of what was the populace of the planet creaming in fear and terror. As they moved forward through this, Slim guessed that this was all  some kind of psychological warfare attack, designed to unsettle Princess Leia as she entered the Imperial trap. Eventually they arrived at a rock-strewn and shattered staircase which still  led to a lower level. Whatever the stairway had once spanned was now gone, leaving only a dark chasm which beckoned menacingly.

With nowhere else to go, Ned, Ogela and Gant began  the descent of the treacherous-looking stairway. As Joe looked hopelessly at POL-e who would never be able to navigate the rubble-strewn descent, Liliahna and Slim joined their colleagues on the stairway, unfortunately both of them slipped. the Senator managed to regain her feet, but Slim stumbled towards the edge. Ogela frantically reached for the x-wing pilot, but he fell, spinning off into the darkness as the others stared in horror!

Scene IV : The Palace of Alderran

The rebels stared in horror at the darkness below, but could see no sight of their comrade. Gant was first to recover from the shock and, breaking a glow-stick, tossed it over the edge of the broken stairway. There about 20 metres below they could see the comatose figure of Slim, caught in a micromesh net slung across the chasm. Unfortunately no one had though to bring rope along and a frantic search of the ruined offices they had passed though was commenced, while Liliahna kept an eye on Slim. Eventually some robe was found and Joe climbed down to investigate. Finding that Slim had simply been knocked unconscious by the fall the task began to recover him, no simple task with the rotund pilot, but eventually he was brought back up to the stairway where after a few moments he regained consciousness.

Liliahna suggested Ogela go ahead with the rope and they could string it the length of the stairway to assist the less able climbers. This was duly done and the stairway safely crossed. Ned and Joe manhandling Polly all the way.

The other side of the stairway contained more rooms, which the party decided to split up to explore more quickly. The search revealed little - save when Old Ned stumbled into a nest of space slugs- until Liliahna and Gant found their way to the amphitheatre where the Alderran Senate had met. There, after the door had slammed shut behind them, another hologram activated – this one was different than previous ones, not accusatory but seeming to show a debate from the Senate after the Clone Wars discussing the disposal of weapons of war – at then end, a huge starship was shown, which Liliahna recognised as the “ghost ship” they’d seen earlier. As the hologram faded a door in the opposite wall opened and an old man beckoned them forwards, saying “Another Chance”, almost immediately an imperial officer appeared next to him and cuffing him to one side, pointed a blaster at Liliahna. Behind him the senator could see the white-armoured figures if stormtroopers!

As the stormtroopers deployed onto the floor of the amphitheatre and the blaster bolts started flying, Old Ned suddenly felt the disturbance in the force as his friends were in danger. Calling on the others to follow he raced towards the amphitheatre, cutting through the lock on the doors with his lightsabre. The officer and his six troopers were swiftly dealt with, but Ogela suddenly spotted many more stormtroopers poring out of an unnoticed doorway out in the main hallway.

The old man re-appeared again, gesturing them into the room once more. Taking him up on his invitation the rebels trooped into the room after which the old man locked the blast-door –to hold back the imperial reinforcements for least a few moments.

As the sound of blaster-fire hitting the doors resounded, the old man told his tale. He had been a senator of Alderran, off-world at the time of the Death Star’s attack. When they imperials had located the ruins of the palace, they had sought him out as someone familiar with the building and engaged him on their scheme to trap Princess Leia. He had agreed to assist the Imperials, as he wanted to contact Leia himself. He explained that at the debate he’d shown them the Senators had decided, rather than destroy the planet’s supply of weapons, to load all of Alderann’s arsenal on board an automated warship, the Another Chance,  and send it randomly traversing through hyperspace – just in case it was needed in the future. The weapons would be invaluable now in the struggle against the Empire. Although the control systems for the Another Chance had been damaged in the destruction of the planet, a hypergate portal was still working which would enable the rebels to board the ship and recover the weapons.  After a very brief conference the Rebels agreed the plan and once by one  they jumped through the portal, the old man remaining behind to disable it before the imperials could break through the blast doors.

Episode Three – Another Chance

Scene I : The Armory Ship

Arriving on the bridge of Another Chance the rebel group was disoriented for a moment or two. Then they began fanning out across the area. Joe and Ogela immediately headed for the control section, noting the burnt-out circuitry and the frazzled astromech droid that the console had been slaved to. Joe managed to coax the ship’s diagnostics systems into life and noted down the systems and components that needed urgent repair, additionally the systems would have to be de-coupled from computer control.

While Ned made his way to the galley to make coffee and a hot meal, the others began dispersing through the ship to check out the systems. Slim and Liliahna ran into a huge spider-like maintenance droid, which to their horror identified them as an “organic infestation” and attacked them. Taking refuge in the auxiliary bride, they called for help from the others. The maintenance droid followed and grabbed at Slim with its pincers, crushing the unfortunate pilot. Liliahna desperately searched for a way to deactivate the droid, but ended up firing at it in desperation. The droid dropped Slim and turned to face her, grabbing at her, just as Ned crashed through the door lightsabre ablaze. The lightsabre made short work of the maintenance droid as Ogela arrived and began administering med packs to the unconscious pilot. Ned then headed off to the infirmary to see if more medical help was available there.

Meanwhile on the level above, Joe had run into trouble in Computer Control which was guarded by war-surplus Trade Federation battle-droids, and put out the call for help. Once again old Ned was first on the scene and crashed into the battle-droids lightsabre swinging. The other arrived in support shortly and the droids were made short work of, though old Ned took some blaster bolts for his trouble. The computer room secured, Joe shut down the mainframe, returning the ship to manual.

The rebels spent the next several hours bringing key systems on-line, Ogela managed to find another astromech unit and persuaded it to help them, plugging it into the auxiliary controls, until finally the ship was ready to drop out of hyper. While Joe prepared to shut down the automated astrogation computers, Ned took up station in the shields room, Liliahna in the sensor suite, Slim and Ogela manned a couple of gun turrets. Joe sent the final command to the astrogation systems and the Another Chance dropped out of hyper...right into the middle of an Imperial battle-group!

Scene Two : Imperial Armada

As Liliahna sounded battle stations, the imperial star destroyer launched its TIE fighter squadrons -  which began streaming towards the Another Chance, Joe desperately fed in the co-ordinates Slim had supplied to the nearest Rebel base, while Ogela and Slim began blasting away at the TIEs. Ned frantically manipulated the shields to minimise the damage from the TIEs, the gunners couldn’t get to, when Liliahna spotted another sensor contact , a freighter dropping out of hyper,  the Millennium Falcon had arrived. Unfortunately, as the comm. systems on the Another Chance were still offline, there was no way they could warn the Princess and her friends.  

As the astrogation systems on the Another Chance began the calculations for the jump to light speed, and Ogela and Slim continued blasting TIE fighters out of the ether - two more Imperial Star Destroyers appeared.  One of them was much larger than the standard. Ned groaned as he felt a dark presence in the Force he’d not sensed for years! Slim, in his gunnery turret, tried to war off the Falcon by activation his distress beacon, but this only served to make the Falcon head towards the Another Chance at greater speed.

Things were getting hairy  - as more and more TIE fighters were swarming towards them – when Liliahna warned them the first Star Destroyer was nearing tractor beam range. Suddenly the Another Chance’s astrogation computers completed their calculations and the astromech droid in auxiliary control launched the ship into hyperspace, followed scant seconds later by the Millennium Falcon.
Mission to Lianna