Petherwick's Posse

From Lexicanum

Petherwick Johnson (Brian), a perpetually confused human wizard from Aebrynis, a sometime librarian currently working as a scribe. A member of The Harmonium.Petherwick Fiara (Les), a canny tiefling rogue from Sigil, and a member of The Free League.Fiara
Dronic Stoneshield (Gill), a dwarf fighter from Aebrynis, mostly tagging along to keep Petherwick out of too much trouble.DronicPaget (Eamonn), a human swashbuckler from Lankhmar. A lover, a fighter, a troublemaker.Paget
Hofthin Babaganoush (Keith), a human cleric of some obscure martial diety from a distant backwater Prime no one can be bothered to learn the name of.HothfinAllisara Katriel (Martin)  an elf fighter/mage from Oerth.Allisara Katriel
Atreuss (Ian ), an elf fighter - Retired.
Vega(Jill), an aasimar paladin from Sigil, a member of The Godsmen - Retired.