Mummy the Curse


Dramatis Persona



Character Name



Marcus De-Varle

A Mummy; Warrior


Achmed Gadaffy

A Mummy; Pharoh,


Peter Monague

A Mummy; Magician, Cryptologist,


Laurence Harmon

A Mummy; Doctor


Chronicle: - The Sertnu's Head

Paris - 1783


Paris - 1783

New Characters -    Marcus De-Varle (Tara), Peter Montague (Brian), Lawrence Harmon (Les), Achmed Gadafy (Eamon)

Whilst meeting in a revolutionary cafe, the group of Mummy's are asked by a Ka spirit to rescue Sertnu's head from a medical experimentalist. They do so with little difficulty.




Chronicle: - The Madness of Dr Karim

Western France - 1816


Western France - 1816

A nobleman's house belonging to Achmed is used by British counter-intelligence.  Peter is working as a cryptologist.  Lawrence is working as a medical researcher into ballistic trauma. Marcus has taken service as a cavalry officer.  They meet.  They discover that a German (Dr Karim) is working on something that requires a lot of dead bodies.  They find where he is based and go to see him.  They feel that he is a Mummy involved in something that could breach their Masquerade.  They destroy the facility where the work is being done. They do not know if the Dr was destroyed or not as Germans were crawling all over the site soon after.