World of Darkness



Storyteller Games – Multi Genre Notes


Dramatis Persona



Character Name



John Anders

A Garoul (or Werebear)


Amizeema (Amy)

An Andean Mummy,


Chuck Sternshein

A Nuwisha (or Were Coyote)

Ian J

Milo Stevenson Jnr.

A Celestial, Demon no less


Guiame De Turville

A Highlander the Gathering character


Prof Richard De Vere

A Hunter (Dead)


Professor Heironymous Ping

AKA Dr What the Fuck, A Time Lord,


Sabdy Kaylong

A Baset (or Werecat)



A Gypsy



Chronicle: Against the Worm


1991, spring, Essex, UK

New Characters – Ash (Brian, Mage), Persa (Tara, Gypsy), Lucas Spinelli (Les, Werewolf), Noah “to be seen” (Ian M, Vampire),  Chuck Sternsheen (Gill, Nuwisha), Prof. Richard De’Vere (Jim, Hunter), Achmed  Gadafy (Eamon, Mummy) -  7 characters


The Party are confronted by a conspiracy of Pagan cultists and a resurrected Pagan Sorcerer.  The group put the threat down, even defeating a summoned avatar of Crom Cruach the great Worm God of the Picts.  The Sorcerer however makes good his escape – with the aid of what appear to be Black Spiral Dancers.




Chronicle: The Chaos Factor


February, 1993, Mohabi Desert USA

Persa, Noah and Lucas are confronted by the wraith of a mage, skin riding an albino giant.  He warns them that Samuel Height killed him a week ago and has plans to awaken Shaitan.  He asks that those who put down the Worm God to go to Mexico City for the Days of the Dead and prevent the return of the Devil.

Richard is contacted by Lucas and promises his assistance.  He takes steps to contact the elusive Ash.  Chucks aid is also enlisted by Lucas.  Chuck books three weeks leave to cover his involvement.


April, 1993, the Australian Outback

Richards’s letter catches up with Ash who has been living with an aboriginal shaman since 1991.  He uses vulgar correspondence magick to get to Cambridge.


15/02/93, Mexico City

Noah arrives and starts setting up a haven in a hotel room posing as an eccentric rich dude.


20/07/93, Mexico City

Lucas and Persa arrive; Lucas gets a job as a mechanic in a local garage to merge with the locals.


20/10/93, Mexico City

Chuck arrives and the group have a meeting in Noah’s haven.


28/10/93, Mexico City, the 1st Day of the Dead

Ash arrives with the dawn, Richard arrives by plane later.  They meet up with the others as the haven.  The locals are very upset as there has been a rash of bombings around the city.  Apparently some havens have been targeted.   One hour after dark there is a city wide power cut. Patrolling the city the guys spot some strange goings on.  Ash meets Raspberry Pop-Art Salad (a local marauder).  Achmed investigates a car load of Technomancers (let by Maria de Guadeloupe).  He follows them in hawk form to the main police station, where they check in with a department that seems to be doing little about the riots.  The car heads off for the university where it disappears in an underground car park.


29/10/93, Mexico City, 2nd Day of the Dead

All go to check out the university. Achmed is captured, and the rest of the party spend some time winding up the Technomancers in the library in front of a load of rest of the party bursts in on the dean, one Dr Niles Anderson and confront him.  He offers a deal, sort out the mess that Height is causing or well 'spend the rest of your days in a pain amplifier'.  They are all allowed to go free, Maria being a little pissed off that she cannot continue her studies of the mummy. Lucas had put the word out that he was looking for Height.  This finally paid off as one of the locals has seen him poking around the Zokala (an area of archaeological interest with many ruined pyramids and monuments in it).  They find a hidden endurance that leads down into the earth.  They back off from going in and retreat to their hotel room to discuss their options.

The group (excluding Noah and Achmed) descended into the Underbelly at dusk.  They killed a guardian ghoul and staked it.  They followed had on Heights trail and made it into the main area just as Height entered the room where Shaitan used to rest.  Whilst sneaking towards the Ziggurat of the Aztec war god, Ash fell over and attracted the attention of a wandering Black Spiral Dancer.  Between Lucas's Knives, Professor De'Vere's Telekinesis, Ashes Time Stop and Chucks patented Mulinex effect the Dancer was silenced.  They reached the Ziggurat and crawled inside.  After a hairy moment or two with Prof. De'Vere, they made it to the former resting place about ten minutes after Height had already departed. They discovered the scrolls Height saw and some he missing. 

They then carefully left the Underbelly of the Wyrm. The group reported existence of the Underbelly to the Technocracy and the Inquisition.  With help from an Inquisition expert, Prof. De'Vere had the two sets of scrolls quickly read.  From the scrolls it looks like Height has mistakenly gone to the city of Petra in Jordan.  It would appear that Shaitan has been moved to Paradise Vista about forty miles outside Mexico City. The party send off for help from their allies.


01/03/93, Mexico City, 3rd Day of the Dead

New Characters – Rrraul (Werewolf, Brian), Paddy Maguire (Werewolf, Gill), Cassandra (Werewolf, Tara), Herr Doctor Doktor Bruno Weiss (Mage, Jim) – (11 characters)

The party's allies arrive and they depart on mass for Paradise Vista.  They arrive and leave the RV (with Noah in it) at the truck stop outside of the town.  They continue on foot into the town. The werewolf’s scan the area with Sense Wyrm, Doktor Weiss scans the area with his various strange apparatus’s, Persa use her Tarot to scan the future and the past of the area, Chuck looks at the area on the Umbra and Ash enters the areas dreamtime.  They all come to the conclusion that something strange exists behind the waterfall about fifty feet up.

New Characters – Aiden Magraw (Werewolf, Eamon), Lt Col Roger Kinnison (Werewolf, Jim), Hannah Sicerzi (Werewolf, Les) – (14 characters)

Deaths – Prof. Richard De’Vere, Cassandra, Ash, Lucas Spinelli, Rrraul, Aiden Magraw, Lt Col Roger Kinnison.

The professor and the Doktor begin climbing up the waterfall, just as Persa reaches a concealed ledge half way up, having climbed down from the top.  A USAF Sicorski helicopter air lifts the final reinforcements into the scenario.  Achmed uses his naming the stone to create hand and foot holes to make the climb easier.  The party (all 14 of them including Listel) climb the cliff at about one hour from dusk.  They enter and negotiate first the enchanted door then the trapped corridor.  With the exception of Aiden, Persa, Cassandra and Paddy the party moves on through the dark window and into the temple of Baal.  As sundown occurs they have just secured the Temple when three eighth generation vampire attack.  One Vampire kills Professor De’Vere outright.  Kinnison opens up on another of them with an M16.  The Doktor with a magically created Sunbeam and Lucas with a home built Flamethrower finish off another before he gets a chance to do anything.  Ash and Achmed hide.  Hannah and Rrraul goes Crinos and attack the Vampire who killed the professor.  The remaining Vampire having been badly shot up and now confronted with two Crinos werewolves and one Crinos Nuwisha uses his Obfuscate to Vanish. Meanwhile Persa has found another route in. 

They climb down the small tunnel.  Something crawls over them at great speed.  They are confronted by Shitain himself!.  Paddy Attacks first, has his arm ripped off and is thrown over the falls.  Cassandra steps in and is unceremoniously gutted.  Aiden opens up with his automatic rifle, causes a scratch to the evil one, who drags Aiden out of the passageway and smashes him several times into the floor.  Persa opens up on the Evil one with every Automatic weapon she can lay her hands on.  Back in the temple the noise of the fire fight in the main area draws the attention of the rest of the party. Ash stops time in the main area, giving the main group a chance to dash to the rescue.  Rrrowl having now run his rage up to nine arrives first and gains the initiative on the Evil one. 

He manages to cause great damage to the great evil one. The group believe that they have destroyed Shitain. Noah uncloaks (having watched the whole story to this point).  Rrraul hears a noise and charges back into the temple of Baal, followed by Hannah, Persa, Chuck, Kinnison and Listel.  Paddy, floating around in the lake with one arm missing sees two apache helicopters coming in.  Noah, Lucas, ash and the Doktor also hear the helicopters, Ash runs away towards the temple of Baal, Noah cloaks himself and Lucas, the Doktor starts scanning through the waterfall with his strange devices. Rrraul and Hannah spot the hidden vampire, the go Crinos and attack, as does Kinnison. They beat it but Hannah is badly injured. The Doktor destroys the helicopter that is hovering over the lake. Then Haight, six Fomori and two Sons of the Ether Barrabi teleport in.  Lucas opens up with his home made flamethrower only to discover that the pilot light has gone out. Noah attacks.  The Doktor using vulgar magic takes out the two Barrabi. Meanwhile Ash having seen there is a fight on in the temple rushes back down the corridor only to run into Haight.  Rrrowl and Kinnison charge into the Fomori, killing them quickly. 

Haight ripples through space and disappears. Haight reappears floating thirty foot above the ground in the temple and lets the corridor have it with an elemental burst.  Ash gets blown to cinders all the others are wounded, Lucas’s flame thrower explodes, killing him as well.  Chuck steps onto the Umbra to attempt to attack Height there.  Persa empties a clip into Height for no visible effect. Height attempts to cast another effect and starts to glow and bubble.  Persa runs for it.  Rrraul and Kinnison leap at Height just as the Paradox Nuke occurs, they and their foe are needless to say obliterated. Persa, carrying the wounded Noah, Listel carrying the wounded Hannah and the Doktor are badly wounded as they are thrown/run down the corridor and jump out of the waterfall exit.  Persa saves Listel by conning her into running.  Aiden who was crushed on the floor anyway, dies as the mountain falls on him, Achmed although not dead will have to spend some time arranging for his body to be dug out.





Chronicle: Opera of the Damned


1994, July, Paris, France

New Characters -  Prof. Heironymous  Ping (Timelord, Les), Milo Stevenson JR. (Demon, Ian J), Sandy Kaylong (Baset, Tara),  Amizeema (Andean Mummy, Gill),   Bill Torrance (Guiame De’Turville, Immortal, Jim) – 6 Characters


Bill was investigating the opera after the disappearance of Brother Francisco Alonzo (a fellow immortal he was stalking.  The professor just happened to materialise in the opera and had to rescue his captured companion.  Milo was sent by the elders to close down the cult of necromancers working out of the opera who were apparently backed by the Rakashas.  Sandy was here to investigate the emanations of evil that were casting strange shadows in the local dreaming.  Amy was here to stop the environmental problems that the operations of necromancers are known to cause.  The cult is put down although their leader (a demonic mage) gets away.  The group keep in touch and together over the few months and track down the escaped mage, eventually killing him, by fire in the Mojave Desert in early August.





Chronicle: Introduction to Fate of the Isles


Saturday, 09/12/95 – The Psylo, London & De’Turville Estates, Berkshire

New Characters – Aeron Shumark (Vortex, Mage, Tara), Baron Geoffrey De’Turville (Vampire, Jim) – (2 Characters)

Vortex communicates with the mysterious Baron about his amazing occult library and sets up a meeting with him for the following evening in Windsor.


Monday, 10/12/95, Windsor Castle Area

New Characters – Vincent Du Lacey (Mage, Les), Cullum McCloud of the Clan McCloud (Mage, Gill), Chip Coltrain (Vampire, Les), Donna Williams (Vampire, Ian J), Molly Simmons (Vampire, Gill), Lord Hanway (Vampire, Brian), Bill Torrance (Guiame De’Turville, Immortal, Jim) – (9 Characters)

The Mage Party and the Vampire Party meet up at the Castle restaurant in Windsor to meet with The Baron De'Turville and his party. At the meal are (on the Mage side) - Vortex, McCloud & Vinnie; (On the Vampire side) - De'Turville, Hanway, and Molly.  Chip is lurking in the shadows outside, facing off with a large mysterious hound (Vinnie familiar), the Bentley is being driven by the Barons mysterious chauffeur one Bill Torrance.  Donna Williams comes along with her ghoul off her own back and joins the party, she has the flowers on the main table bugged and a car full of expensive recording gear outside.


New Characters – Catherine De’Leon (Vampire, Jill) – (10 characters)

Also in the restaurant at yet another table is a local Vampire who pays her respects to the Baron and joins the party.  Outside in the courtyard at the bottom of the road there is some commotion as a gang of Muslim youths attacks the off license.  A few minutes later a gang of Hindus turn up.  A riot starts with the parties cars in the middle of it. The party move down to investigate.  Three of the rioters have strange auras.  One is unrecognisable, the others (on the Muslim side) are obviously kindred. Bill Torrance fights one of the kindred for his expensive scimitar.  Eventually he administers the final death to the individual and takes the sword, only making the mistake of letting the other strange kindred escape.   The Mages then (as violence is threatened to the black Vinnie mobile) drive off to the pub about half a mile away (the Kings arms).  The Vampires "get stuck in" committing all sorts of fire arms offences, public order offences and murder in the first degree. The officers of the law turn up and the Vampires head across the graveyard of St. Peters All Saints to get to Chip's van and thus escape.

New Characters – Dandelion (Mage, Brian) – (11 characters)

Dandelion, playing late hits some mean riffs and wonders where all the others are, shrugs his shoulders and takes a toke on a fresh joint. In the church yard they find the body of a priest with his head torn off.  On investigating the church they are attacked by three werewolves of a distinctly evil nature.  They beat them (killing two one escaping, after the mages arrive, just like the cavalry).  The priest at one point possesses Chip and Bill Torrance gets himself killed.  They proceed to investigate the church.

New Characters – Herr Doctor Doktor Bruno Weiss (Mage, Jim) – (12 characters)

On a hill outside Colchester the good Doktor conducts his experiments, raging at the elements, blasting away at the sky with bolts of pure electricity, he blacks out a large part of Essex for half an hour. They proceed into the crypt, kick the door in and descend into the depths of the earth.  They enter a strange blue crystal lit room with a strange lock in the centre.  On first touching the lock, two individuals from 1070 appear.  On second touch, half the party vanish, on third touch, the rest of the party vanish.  Leaving Vortex only, in the church above with a Germanic mercenary from 1070.

New Characters -  Prof. Heironymous  Ping (Timelord, Les) – (13 characters)

Vortex contacts Weiss and Dandelion (they rush to the church only getting stopped by the police once), and with their help and that of Donna Williams (who pops in then buggers off again) manages to open the lock.  Down inside they find a strange shrine with three 30ft tall crystal dragons on weird tracks of silver.  The activate the weapons, life support, engineering and navigational functions when a York stone fire place turns up and out jumps Professor Ping.  Guiame wanders off through the tunnels and finds himself on a beach presumably beneath the white cliffs at Dover.  The Vampires all slope off to kip in the church's crypts.


Tuesday 12/12/95, Windsor Castle Area, Under the Church of St Peter All Saints

New Characters – Agetha (Mage, Jill) – (14 Characters)

Around seven o'clock in the morning, Cullum's friend Agetha turns up.  The Mages all burn off Paradox.  Vortex and Cullum go wandering.  Dr Weiss examines his paradox effect.  Dandelion and Adrian sit down and chat.  The professor fusses about trying to warn people not to touch things.  Vinnie don't do much but keep out of the way.  Guiame's wanderings awaken the Pentrarians.  They attack and kill Guiame.  Vortex and Cullum are also attacked.  The Professor, Vinnie and Dandelion hide in the TARDIS whilst the Doktor and Agetha play with the Pentarian leader (although the professor whips in and out of the TARDIS with strange floating devices at various points).  The Doktor destroys Dragon number three.  There are strange screams from further in the complex (telepathic screams, but I forgot to tell people this) accompanied by wet sounds.  The Doktor eventually drops the lead Pentarian.  The Mages again burn off Paradox.


New Characters – John Anders (Werebear, Brian) – (15 characters – Note to self, this is getting silly, I can’t keep track of this many characters, and the players don’t seem to want to help much (even though the Vampires didn’t do much for most of the scenario) Don’t do this Again without a back-up Storyteller !!!!!!!!.)


The Doktor vanishes in a puff of pure Paradox.  He appears back at his labs unable to see in the light, only in the shadows - he is left with lots of time to ponder the various pro's and con's of burning off large amounts of paradox all at the same time. The first mate from the Pentrarians comes forward and the party an he converse in a useful manner.  He explains about the Pentrarians and the Professor and about the monster in the complex that's killing his crew and has "obviously" killed his captain already. The group come up against the demon (although none of them manage to work out what it is) and eventually defeat it (largely through Cullum McCloud of the Clan McCloud and Vinnie draining it's essence off quicker than it can make effective use of it) the demon is forced to return to hell as it does not have enough essence left to change vessels when the first one is destroyed.

They have a chance to look around the place.  They find a sleeping Werebear which can only speak old English (fortunately Guiame De’Turville has been around that long and is able to converse with this creature) the bear plays it humble and seems to get on OK with the rest of the party.  They also find a room full of a kingdom's ransom worth of ancient archaeological treasures.  The weird thing at the end of the treasure room is a black rock heart shaped thing that seems to beat - Guiame for some reason takes this.  Having had a good look around, they try to leave.  They find that the way in has been blocked by a huge cave in (caused by some of the magik that got thrown around during the fight with the demon).  The professor suggests that the leave via the TARDIS. 

Some are less than keen on doing this.  However, the option proves to be unavailable as for some strange weird assed pseudo scientific reason the TARDIS refuses to function.  The party leave via the Dover translocation exit.  The Vampires obviously leave for home as soon as the sun sets.  Quite what they have made of the whole thing, only time will tell. The Professor stays behind to fix the TARDIS.  The 1st mate also stays as this is the only place he can call home.  Also he feels that there may be some chance of fixing the communications dragon the Doktor smashed, given time and the rights parts.  I seem to remember that the group left a mobile phone.  He says that he can also clear the blocked tunnel in a few months using his own methods.  The professor and his henchman are also forced to use this place as a base as there seems to be no chance of getting the TARDIS up and running without some strange devices which the Prof. Will have to spend some time building.  The Prof. Manages to find and alternate way out of the complex through the sewers of Windsor.


Finished - Well Part 1 is!!