Dramatis Persona



Character Name




DEAD; Killed in the Chaos Factor


Cujo Zakamate

Araskite Brotherhood, Ex Loom of Fate "Retired" in San Francisco



Cult of Ecstasy, Hippie, and Unknown Guitar God, Ex Platform X, now in London, was in the intro to Fate of the Isles


Freddrick Klokkos

Son of the Ether, Historian, Ex Loom of Fate & Platform X, now in In London. Possessor of the Fridge of Zool


Cullum McCloud of the Clan McCloud

Verbena, Druid, Ex Loom of Fate & Platform X, now in In London, was in the intro to the Fate of the Isles

Ian J

Juan Carlos

A Son of the Ether, Played once only in the first session of the Loom of Fate, Current where bouts unknown

Ian M

Jennifer Tiddles

Cult of Ecstasy, Protestor, Ex Platform X, Agent of a thrash metal Goth band now in London


Agetha Goodenough

A Verbena Wiccan took part in the intro to Fate of the Isles.



DEAD: Killed in Platform X


Herr Doktor Doktor Bruno Weiss

Son of the Ether, Gageteer, and associate member of Chantry X, Survivor of the Chaos Factor; Was involved in the intro to the Fate of the Isles, but had several "accidents" whilst burning off paradox, currently in Cambridge at his labs working on work-a rounds.


Vincent Du Lacey

Euthanatos, "Voodoo Witch Doctor", Owner of the Psylo and night club in London, Ex Loom of Fate & Platform X, now in In London, took part in the Into to Fate of the Isles.


Aeron Shumark

Virtual Adept, "Vortex". Ex Student of the legendary Black Gambit, Ex Loom of Fate & Platform X, now in In London, Was involved in the intro to the Fate of the Isles.



Chronicle: - Loom of Fate


San Francisco - Sunday 31/10/93

New characters -    Vincent (Vinnie) Du’Lacey (Les), Cullum Macleod (Gill), Kane (Jim), Maria Marten (Karen), Aaron Shumark (Vortex)(Tara), Kujo Zakamati (Brain), Juan Carlos (Ian J).

                   The Mages are in San Francisco in response to an impending Time event and an invite to a reading of the cards by one Madam Cleo Verthank.  On route to the reading they are caught in a massive Entropy effect that causes a pile up at the Taylor junction.  Kujo uses a Mind Probe to discover that the effect seems to have been subconsciously caused by a young woman called Norma Weaver.  Cullum and Vincent prevent the explosion of a crashed oil tanker.  Cullum captures Norma with a blast of Life.  Thirteen bikers turn up (who the Mages perceive to be Marauders).  Juan kills one with a door, Kujo possesses one and kill's another then has him commit suicide.  The bikers leave and the Mages get together in Juan’s RV and leave for the reading.  Aeron left the accident previously and makes his own way to the reading.  Vincent, Kane, Aeron, Kujo and Cullum make it to the reading.  The reading is most confusing and at the end of the reading the party is left confused, with a card each. 

                   Once the reading is over Madam Cleo vanishes.  The party fail to notice that although the reading lasted but an hour or so three hours have actually passed.  Cullum heals Norma who promptly departs to see her priest.  Vinnie’s dog follows her and the party arrive at Grace Cathedral.  Father Williams turns out to be a corrupt priest and summons aid in the form of four Men in Black when confronted by Kane.  The villains are defeated and the Bishop captured.  In the Car Park of the Hilton Kane (at the Bishops request) administers the Rites of Death.  The Bishops pattern joins with the pattern of Kane’s sword, reforming it in the process.  Norma believes that something has happened to her mother as their car had been off the road for months.


San Francisco - Monday 01/11/93

                   Cullum goes to check out Mrs Weaver's House.  He is surprised when Mrs Weaver, protesting that her daughter has been kidnapped, shots him.  Vinnie, Kujo and Kane go to investigate why Cullum has not come back.  Aeron stays at the Hotel to guard Norma.  By the time the party gets to the weaver house Mrs Weaver is gone.  They search the house, finding the body of Mrs Weaver in the attic.  They also find some stuff that belonged to Mr Weaver.  Cullum rings Aeron then they dash back to the hotel. 

                   There are two men in Black about to burst into the hotel room. Aeron (in the bathroom, hiding with Norma) explodes some semtex in the corridor.  The men both vanish.  Aeron and Norma move onto a different floor. When the rest of the party arrive the hotel surrounded by police in the middle of a hostage situation with Norma & Aeron as the main attraction.  The false Mrs Weaver is sobbing away the police captain and two men in black, with FBI ids, stand near-by looking official.  Aeron tries a couple of tricks to get out, these fail.  Kujo, Kane, Cullum & Vinnie join forces and manage to make one of the Men in black disappear and Kujo manages to create a one way link with the Captain.  When Cullum wants to do something against Kane & Kujo's moral codes they break the coven.  Kane stands and stares at the men in black. 

                   The men in black send a cop over to check Kane out and he straight arms the guy, breaking his neck.  Promptly, Kane is mobbed by the forces of the law, arrested and carried off.  Vinnie surrenders to the police and explains the situation to the Captain saying that they are Norma's friends and it’s all just a big misunderstanding, Vinnie volunteers to talk Aeron out of the building. 

                   Meanwhile Kujo with a false FBI id walks into the building and uses and Mind 4 effect to locate Norma and Aeron.  Also meanwhile, Aeron and Norma have decided to walk out.  The situation is resolved with Norma refusing to go home at the moment, saying that she is staying with her friends Aeron and Vinnie, and Mrs Weaver is left being very annoyed. 

                   Norma, Vinnie, Cullum and Aeron go to visit Mr Weavers grave where they are visited by his ghost (called up by Vinnie’s awareness of his presence and his wanting to appear to Norma) who promptly (and very politely) possesses Vinnie.  His has little to say but convinces Norma that her real mother is actually dead.  Kujo with his false FBI id walks into the police station and gets them to release Kane to him, he explains that Kane is a Serial Killer and is under FBI jurisdiction.





San Francisco - Tuesday 02/11/93

New Characters - Fredrick Klokkos (Eamon).

                   The characters (other than Cullum who is resting in hospital and Kane who is laying low) have booked in with Norma at a Motel.  Aeron goes out to a seven eleven and is attacked by a Marauder; he defeats it with some help from Fredrick who happened rent the flat above shop.  Vinnie, Kujo and Norma are attacked by three Marauders whom they destroy (taking some radiation damage from a dead radioactive horse). 

                   The Characters move to a disused building on the lower east side.  Aeron attempts to locate a home address for Dr Himitsu.  He offends against the New World Order (NWO) information guardian system.  Police turn up on another kidnap charge.  Fred listening on his scanner watches the whole scene from a nearby building.  Kujo possesses the senior officer and just as the characters are about to leave the police leave, their senior officer having decided that they have turned up to the wrong location.  Fred sees a mysterious man enter the building and moves in to check it out.  Vinnie and Kujo come down from the roof to pick up the rest of their gear and are surprised by a cyborg (terminator style).  Vinnie shoots it to no good effect. Kujo gets his wrist shattered in nine places, having made the mistake of taking it on in unarmed combat.  Someone in the group manages to destroy the cyborg by ramming his rifle into something important.  The Cyborg goes into self destruct and the party leg it, shadowed by Fred.  Kujo goes to hospital, where his wrist is set, and he is kept in for observation.  Vinnie meets Fred and they overnight above the seven eleven in Fred's flat.


San Francisco - Wednesday 03/11/93

New Characters -    Jennifer Tiddles (Ian M).

                   Cullum & Kujo meet with Jenny in hospital and Vinnie turns up (booking the green bottles in the process – what ever that means?).  Kane goes to Mrs Weavers house confronts the guards and is captured.  The party goes from Fred's home where they have been staying to the UMC and investigates Dr Himitsu's office.  They find evidence of a Technocracy symposium meeting on the 7th of this month. 

                   In the lift down they are magically shifted to the Genetech Horizon realm.  There they are confronted in a pseudo reasonable manner by Dr Himitsu, he offers a peaceful resolution.  Vinnie eventually cracks and ventilates the good doctor’s head.  They have learned that Norma is wanted to replace a device that is failing, and that the device is used to stabilise San Francisco and prevent earthquakes.  They are informed that there will be a quake on the 5th at three in the morning. 

                   Jenny (who came in separately and was captured) and Kane are rescued/escape from their holding cells in the horizon realm. The security staff seemingly let them escape.  The leave UMC – promptly – travelling back to the “real world” in the lift. 

                   The party report into their superiors or mentors and are roughly told to keep Norma away from the Technomancers and find out what’s happening at the symposium meeting.  Aeron has arranged a plane and Fred has started packing.  Various members of the party have put bets down about the chance of an earthquake.  If things go as the good ex-doctor Himitsu suggested, the Technomancers will now take off the kid gloves.


San Francisco - Thursday 04/11/93

                   The whole party are in separate locations. Cullum attempts to arrange a safe house.  Aeron talks via scrambler to his mentor and gets into the on-line occult library of Baron de Turville.  There he learns more about the occult history of San Francisco, that there is a secret Garou Caern in the area and that something called Cob has a large factor to play in the Technocracy's hold on the city.  Kane discovers that he has had his flesh sampled by the Technocracy and a metal object is implanted in the bone of his leg, he sends a mental impulse of his address to Kujo. Kujo recommends that Kane send an impulse to Aeron.  Meanwhile a cop moves on Cullum.  Fred takes his fridge and drives off heading for the desert.  Vinnie and a Man in Black go toe to toe; Vinnie is only saved by his familiar, Lucritia.  Aeron turns up and invades the device via the net.  He puts black ICE on the device to prevent reactivation, and puts it diagnostic loop. The party gets to the club in dribs and drabs.  Kujo is presenced by a female vampire.  They spend a lot of time looking through the huge crowd for Norma, who in actual fact is in the private sweet being chatted up by the owner.  Fred & Kane spot some Superiors in the crowd and move to intercept, they fail to stop them calling for backup.  One of the bouncers holds his own with the bad guys and eventually ends up working for Vinnie.  Kane takes out one of the Superiors.  Fred shoots the place up.  Panic occurs and the place starts to empty.  Four Hit Marks turn up, one of smart metal, one with a chain gun, one with eight arms and one with many chain saws.  The party with help from the Vampire take them out.  Cullum is instrumental in this taking much paradox with vulgar life effects.  The party shoot their way out and depart into the night with Norma under their wing.


San Francisco - Friday 05/11/93

                   Aeron, Kane, Cullum, Vinnie with Norma drive to Milwaukee in the early hours, picking up an international flight to the UK.  Fred drives off down the coast and picks up a ship to take him to the UK via the Panama Canal.  Kujo stays in San Francisco to help with the impending number of disaster victims. Jenny together with Jenny's band departs for New Orleans.  At 5.00 a.m. a minor earthquake hits San Francisco.  There are something like five thousand casualties, ten or so fatalities and about two million dollars worth of damage.


Milwaukee - Saturday 06/11/93

                   The Mages, with Norma in tow (on Aeron’s passport – as his daughter) take a flight from Milwaukee to Heathrow.  On the flight, both Kane and Vinnie are captured in a Technomancers (or Sons of the Ether, the party have yet to find out which) experiment and stored as data on a laptop. Aaron manages to back them up, through the Cyberweb onto his own laptop, before they are purged.  He ends up with a very complicated forces, correspondence and Spirit program.


Denial Mansion, Berks - Sunday 07/11/93

                   The Mages go to Cullum's Mentors Home in Berkshire.  Aeron runs the program in reverse after a lot of hacking, some gross assumptions and several leaps of faith.


Tenerife - Monday 08/11/93

          Vinnie and Kane both appear back on the plane, which now is on route for Tenerife, packed with holiday makers.


Morocco - Tuesday 09/11/93 - Tuesday 16/11/93

                   Kane departs for Morocco, and the headquarters of his order, to learn and report to the High Masters of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, then flies back to join the rest of the party in Berks.


Tenerife - Tuesday 09/11/93 - Tuesday 23/11/93

                   Vinnie decides to make the most of the free flight and gets into some serious partying, then flies back to the UK to join the rest of the party in Berks.


Denial Mansion, Berks - Tuesday 09/11/93 - Tuesday 30/11/93

                   Cullum spends some time with his Master, developing his art and learning about paradox flaws.  Fred arrives from Liverpool, after stopping of at his Traditions free house in Manchester, to learn from his elders.  Aeron spends some time on-line, learning from his elders.  It would appear that getting Norma out of the States and away from San Francisco has done the trick!




Chronicle: - The Underground - Platform X


Denial Mansion, Berks - Wednesday 01/12/93

                   The group receive packages, individually addressed to each of them.  Three of them get bombs intended for a Mr Daark.  Others receive paper work that deals with various murders dating back to the 1930's.  They report to the police, and are led (by the pattern of the murders) to investigate mysterious reports of vanished tube station at Kings Cross.


Squat Somewhere in London - Wednesday 01/12/93

New Character -      Dandelion (Brian)   

                   Dandelion, a spaced out member of the Cult of Ecstasy receives some fingers in the post.  Marks them not known at this address and changes squats.


London, Kings Cross - Thursday 02/12/93

                   The party meet up with Dandelion (whilst he is busking down King's Cross), Vinnie tries to score off him, and he hangs around the party, following them, possibly thinking that there's a free meal in it.  After several hours searching, they come across a dusty old staff only door, behind it is a maze of corridors, filthy stairs and disused escalators.  They navigate this maze, or rather Cullum and Aeron do, with the rest of the group in tow and arrive at Platform X, where they meet a strange attendant, who is generally abusive and doesn't tell them a lot other than Mr Daark left here in the 1930's, the train's from here stop in any tube station and leave the bloody tramp alone.  Cullum disturbs the tramps unconscious form, Wych (the tramps familiar) pops into being and warns them off.  He tells them a bit more about his master and then Opalescent Order of Harmonic Truth; he seems surprised that the party has never heard of this order.  Eventually the cabal susses that this place is indeed a node. 

                   They drain the place dry of standing quintessence.  The platform attendant comes back out.  It emerges that his name is Yyg, an earth elemental bound into this place by Loftwyr; High Priest of Boudicca.  Yyg remembers that he has to issue a challenge and does so.  The Cabal send Kane on a race with Yyg to Watford, the rest of the Cabal form a circle and both impede Yyg and help Kane.  After grand scale chaos on the London Underground Kane wins the race.  Yyg and Kane return to Platform X.  Yyg announces that Platform X is now their Chantry by right of Challenge.  They are also told that the Hobgoblin, Mr Daark is their problem as owners of the Chantry.


London, Platform X - Friday 03/12/93

          They begin their surveillance of Mr Daark; Fred moves the fridge of Zool into Platform X.


London, Kings Cross Area - Saturday 04/12/93 - Sunday 05/12/93

                   The party make plans and wait for Monday when Dandelion usually sees Mr Daark coming to work.  Jennifer Tiddles flies in from the USA looking for Vinnie.


London, Kings Cross Area - Monday 06/12/93

                   Dandelion, Kane & Vinnie wait for Daark.  Daark spots Kane and sends one of his heavies to sort him out, Kane knocks the guy down, he starts screaming for help, and some stuck up commuter steps in.  The Mages follow the commuter for a while, thinking him to be Daark.  Fred enters Onarion and tries to sell them photocopier stuff.  He is seen by Mr Baxter and strikes a deal. He later follows Baxter, watches him pull a bank robbery, and follows him into the east end of London, waits until he is separated from the rest of his gang, kills him using vulgar magic and takes the money.  The rest of the party send Daark a telegram, saying that the Elliot wants to see him at the Hyde Park Mosque at midnight.  One of Daarks men turns up and the party scare him off in a big way.  Meanwhile, using a tube train bound for the depot, Daark passed through Platform X and see that Elliot is still in quiet.


London, Kings Cross Area - Tuesday 07/12/93

Deaths -         Kane (Jim)

                   The Mages attack Onarion entertainment in a frontal assault to take out Mr Daark.  It turns out the Daark is in league with a Nepherous mage called Mr Won.  He says hello to them when they stumble into his office congratulates them on killing Mr Daark and spontaneously decays in front of them.  The mages make a bit of a hash of the attack and many of them suffer quite a lot of damage.  They cause structural damage to the building, fires, the odd flood, electrical arcing and generally ruin the entire building, which is later in the day condemned.  Kane during the fight sacrifices himself so that Dandelion, Klokkos and Cullum are not gunned down after having already taken a lot of damage from traps that they had sprung. Kane takes three bursts of automatic gun fire for his friends and dies in a bloody mess on the floor. The group leave the area before the police arrive and return to the chantry.




Campaign Note


New Character: Herr Doktor Doktor Bruno Weiss (Jim)

Vinnie establishes a new night club in the Kings Cross area in the deconsecrated church of St James the Penitent, Dandelion signs up with Vinnie as an artist.  Aeron begging’s studying with new character: Herr Doktor Doktor Bruno Weiss in exchange for his membership in the Chantry


Chronicle: Angel of Mercy


London, Oxford St. - Monday 20/11/95

                   Vinnie first sees the statue of the Angel of Mercy in the Angel Fountain mall.  The place is due for a grand reopening soon.  Vinnie gets growled at when he tries to detect magic on the statue.

London, the Psylo - Friday 24/11/95

                   The blood Lords visit the Psylo trying to cause trouble.  However they try to pick on Dandelion who manages to avoid all but a slightly tense atmosphere with this group of Neo Nazi Satanists.  Marco, the leader of the Blood Lords uses some sort of Magical detection device on Dandelion.  The Lords warn Vinnie that the Platform X Mages should stay out of the Blood Lords business and the Blood Lords will stay out of theirs.


Campaign Note


Interlude of 2 weeks:          Where in the Mages prat about trying to find out more about Mr Wellington who owns the Statue, during this time, they all follow Aeron into the Digital Web.   They also find out the Blood Lords have been hanging about the Angel Fountain Mall.


London, the Psylo - Friday 08/12/95

          On the news the group see the statue starting to bleed and Men in Black (MIBS) descending onto the scene to control the strange events.  Vortex visits the site by correspondence sensing and sees a camera man vanish in another correspondence effect as the MIBs threaten him; she thinks that she has just seen another Mages Avatar awaken. Dandelion, Lucerzia and Vortex go down to the mall to check things out.  Dandelion gets himself arrested for pretending to spliff up in front of an officer of the law.  The big doggie goes around the back and sneaks in for a closer look.  Vortex is spotted by an MIB and uses correspondence to bug out. Dandelion escapes form the nick using some coincidental effect that causes the doors to be unlocked.  He goes to the mall, get captured by the MIBs.  They pump him full of truth drugs, straighten him out and KO him.  He awakens in Whitechapel. Later they find that the statue has been stolen and the Technocracy has vanished.  The Blood Lords also appear to have vanished with Marco nowhere to be found




Campaign Note

Some action for the Mages in the Fate of the Isles Chronicle, but other than that there's about 5 weeks worth of down time covering Christmas 1995 and New Year 1996


Chronicle: Just another Day at Platform X


London, King's Cross, Platform X - Tuesday, 16/01/1996

            Session Played - Wednesday, 27/12/2000

            Player's - Brain (Dandelion) & Les (Vinnie)

          Vinnie and Dandelion arrive at Platform X in time to see a spectral steam train (in the Victorian style with weird extras for special effect - carrying the name "spirit of De Vinci") come hammering through the station - now this is a little strange as the station is supposedly disused and one end is bricked up !  The rather short handed team check out the scene and other than a rather unpleasant  Alien creature (in the spirit world that is, not a corporeal creature) that appears to be waiting for the train (green many eye's lots of tentacles, dripping in slime - that type of thing) there appears to be noting out of the ordinary.  The train reappears every 40 minutes, the team consult with a Vampire they hangs out in the Platform X area (a Nosferatu who preys on rats and other vermin), but he knows nothing about the train.  They establish that some of the time the train is extra dimensional.  As it smashes through a wall that Dandelion constructed - this isn't true all the time.

          London underground workers are appear on the scene as apparently the mystery train has caused all the points in the area to go nuts and get stuck pointing in the direction of Platform X.  Using a Spirit effect the group summons a spirit off the train - which promptly materialises and then ages about three millennia on the spot!! It leaves behind its clothes and a wacky looking ray-gun - which Vinnie promptly appropriates. 

          The Mages check out the work crew and one of them thinks that he has a sudden heart attack (a Mind effect caused by Vinnie on Gus an old over weight rail worker).  About an hour after the workers have left (they rushed Gus off to hospital) they are replaced by 3 scientists, a couple of heavies, a military type (captain, British army – UNIT SID?) & and obvious MIB. The Mages try to divert the new crew away from Platform X and in the process one of the thugs gets killed by the local Vampire (who decided to help the "good" guys) and another gets blown away by Vinnie's new gun (which appears to massive damage to bodies but none to objects, fires as it freezes as it disrupts or something like that) - both Vinnie and Dandelion are covered in gore as the guy exploded in a loud proficient military manner!!  Both the mages leg it (still attempting to take the attention away from Platform X).

          Dandelion gets caught by the police, but eventually manages to escape - after a bizarre chase through the streets of the west end and the spontaneous creation of a 12 foot long 6 foot high wall of solid gold.  Vinnie collapses the southern end of Platform X with a sequence of Entropy effects (which may or may not have had serious effects on the whole structure of the area J )  Dandelion's face appears on "Crime stoppers", the TV News, Local TV News & in the Evening Standard and the Sun (later in Fortean Time, but he don't know that yet).  Therefore he shaves his beard and his head and borrows some of Vinnie's clothes.

          Dandelion then burns off a shit load of Paradox - the net effect of which is that he forgets that the sixties even happened - therefore in the Dandelion mindset, the fifties were the coolest things that ever happened.




Chronicle: Big in Japan?


Tokyo, Japan - Monday, 22/01/1996

            Session Played - Thursday, 08/11/2001

            Players – Brian (Dandelion), Tara (Vortex), Gill (Cullum) & Ian (Juan)

          The guys wake up in a coffin hotel in Tokyo with no recollection of how they got there.  Cullum is naked and painted head to toe in blue emulsion, Vortex has a broken heel on her left shoe and Dandelion has bullet holes in his jacket. Juan Carlos is on holiday in Japan and "just happens" to be in the same hotel at the same time.  Juan finds a disintegrator in his bag, together with the keys to all the cars in the car park and the alternator for a large truck (the bad guy’s vehicle). The hotel is attacked by 18 "demon ninjas".  The group escape into the car park (as the hotel is set seriously on fire) and manage to bump off all the ninja (& disintegrate a large chunk of their 18 wheel - mobile fortress - aka a big truck).  The session ended with the group standing around in the car park with sirens far off in the distance.


Session Played – Sunday, 11/11/2001

Players – Brain (Dandelion), Tara (Vortex), Gill (Cullum), Jim (Damien) & Ian (Juan)

New Characters - Damien Carras - [Jim][Jesuit priest, Demon hunter, Celestial Chorus]

          <OK, so I didn't document this session at the time so this is a poor account> A Demon of the Iron Wind turned up and lured the group off into the Wicked City - one of the thousand hells of the Yomi.  A few thing s went on <zombie gangsters, weird technology & some strange scary shit ;) > eventually the group meet up with the Lord of the Wicked city - A Yomi Lord aka - Demon Lord.  The Lord asks them to help him get rid of a league of evil sorcerers <his reasons for wanting this are unclear, something about a double cross during the 2nd World War> who operate out of Berlin and use a group of Vampires called the Blood Lords who he believes that the group has already had dealings with.  Most of the group agree <except for Jim's character that - being a Demon Hunter - finds the idea of working for a Yomi Lord unconscionable & promptly announces that he intends to retires his character as soon as they manage to escape the wicked city>.  Those that agree convince the Demon Lord to let Damien go as well & he returns each of the group to their choice of locations within the real world.  Cullum, Dandelion, Vortex & Juan return to the Psylo in London (that's the group that's forsworn to a Demon Lord, remember!) & Damien is sent to the holy city of Rome (three guesses what he's up to children J )

Character Retirement - Damien Carras - [Jim]


Continues ??