The Company of the Last Bridge was composed of:

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Hydrin, a Dwarf animist, (Gill) who was slain by an orc at Herubar Gûlar, Narbeleth T.A.1640

Iflire, a Silvan warrior (Ian), who has returned to Lothlorien.

Tintallë, a Sindar, mage (Jill), who has returned to Lothlorien.

Hazard, a Corsair ranger (Keith)

Martak Thorn, a Dunadan ranger (Brian),  who was tragically killed by wolves in the Trollshaws, Hithui, T.A.1640

Bobbin Surefoot,  a halfling scout (Les), who was also killed by wolves in the Trollshaws while trying to aid his friend, Hithui T.A.1640

Drukel, a Wose warrior (Brian)

Darowen, a Half-elf warrior (Les) 

Elbragol,  a Half-elf animist (Gill), who was most dolorously killed by a skeleton in the Ghost Caves, Narwain,T.A.1641

Shheara, a Sindar bard (Gill)

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