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The Final Sanction


The kill team had had some downtime, but soon received an order to attend a briefing. In a cramped room, they wereSword class2 frigate confronted by an inquisitor who quickly advised them they were to go to the city of Lordsholm on the planet Avalos, a formerly quiet Agri-world. However, recently it had come to the attention of Inquisitor Kalistradi, investigating rumours of genestealers. Recently, she had sent an astropathic communication to Watch Fortress Erioch issuing a formal request for aid from the Deathwatch in exterminating a genestealer infestation on Avalos. The team went off to requisition equipment (mainly special bullets and a flamethrower) and to elect their leader – Scipio once more stepping to the fore, and with no more pause they boarded the Sword Class Frigate Valiant and headed for Avalos.

As they arrived at the planet, it was clear there was more going on here than their briefing had detailed, as a swarm of Tyranid kraken swarmed the ship. The captain released their drop pod just in time, as the krakens ripped his ship to scrap metal. The pod landed heavily in the remains of an Imperial chapel, crashing through the roof as it homed in on the beacon. Exiting the pod, the sounds and sights of a city at war with itself greeted them, with fires raging across the entire city. Of more immediate concern was the small group of PDF troops desperately defending the front of the chapel. Seizing the initiative, the team ordered the PDF aside and went out to the front of the chapel with guns and flamethrower blazing. With the help of the PDF, they managed to reduce the horde of rebels to a scattering when a giant of a man stepped forth from the rebels and challenged Scipio to mortal combat. Although this was a one sided piece of tomfoolery from the rebel, it rallied the remains of his force for one last pointless charge before they fell and the squad wee able to talk to the PDF commander, Captain Ascote.

He lead them into the chapel were her human form rippled and changed into the form of a lithe human female, a Callidus Assassin. She introduced herself as Syndalla, aide to Inquisitor Kalistradi. She told them that the genestealers had infected much of the city and that she feared it was about to fall. Worse, she expected a Tyranid fleet to arrive in the next few days. While she stays to rally the PDF and try to restore some order to the city, she requested that the team find the cities astropath to send a message for reinforcements and also find and destroy the broodlord. The briefing will continue..


The Astropath

They decided to head straight to the astropath and, with little effort, made their way to where a tower clung to the cliff edge near the governors mansion. As they approached, several soldiers in imperial uniform blocked their way, ignoring instructions to stand aside. The kill team decided to live u to their name and a monumental battle took place, with Bethsemus nearly being overrun before the team managed to reach the door. They approached the door and announced themselves and were a little surprised to be welcomed in, as they were expected.

They visited the astropath who agreed to send their message.

The Governor's Mansion

They decided next to visit the Governor at his mansion, since it was next door. As they approachgenestealersed, the guards challenged them and they were quickly identified as a friend, with Corporal Jones assigned as their liaison with the Governors forces.

The Corporal took them up to the house where the local nobles had gathered for protection. He headed off to fetch the Governor, leaving them to make the nobles nervous. A few minutes later, Corporal Jones and the Governor appeared on the grand staircase at the far end of the room and paused, for effect. At this point, several GeneStealers dropped from the rafters where several of the squad thought they had seen movement and began to attack the gathered nobles, as well as the squad.

Corporal Jones held his ground and defended the Governor by pushing him down stairs, away from the GeneStealer that had landed next to them. The squad had to use their weapons carefully at first to avoid harm to Imperial citizens and found themselves under some pressure, before the room began to clear and they switched to fully auto, eventually removing the threat. Corporal Jones is worthy of special mention, standing unarmoured and alone for three rounds before being cut down, giving the team time to save the Governor.

The Rag Market

Having retaken the airfield they decided to start searching for the brood master.  Having taken advice form anyone who might have an idea and concluded that no-one did, they moved into the rag market. Immediately they encountered heavy resistance and fought back, shrugging off injuries that would have felled lesser men.

Eventually, after an interminable time, they pacified the area and returned it to the Emperors control.

The Final Sanction

As they looked around, they saw that a tunnel lead from the area to beneath the promethean works. Heading down it, they encountered stiff resistance from genestealers, which lead them to believe they were going in the right direction. After a while the tunnels they were following opened into a chamber, with many tunnels leading off it. As they moved in, the rubbish on the floor suddenly came to life and they came under attack from many genestealers, causing them to become sorely pressed. As the battle raged on the broodlord joined in and the battle brothers had to draw on their reserves of courage and fate to preserve them. Finally, they were victorious as the broodlord fell and the few remaining genestealers fled the scene, leaving the planet more or less restored to the imperial forces.