Dramatis Personae




Type, background

Known As


Everlyn Aubergyne

Nocker, Artist

Granny Eve

Ian M

Judge Joshua Pissel

Redcap, High Court Judge

Sock Knife


Joe Hatcher

Slaugh, Policeman


Ian J

Gareth Dawson

Redcap, Burnt out DA



H Robert Carrington

Sidhe, Politican



Mayfield Berrydrew

Sidhe, Lady that Lunches



Fisher N Gatling

Eshu, Gonzo Journalist





Chronicle: - Toys Will be Toys


San Francisco, Saturday August 12th 1995


          The party first meets each other at the Toy box Coffee Shop.  Garratt & Edmund the boy have an eating contest with demonic chillies.  Slique a redcap arrives and talks to the party as old friends.  Malacar turns up and has a drink.  Then it all goes dark. The toy box relic has vanished along with Malacar & Slique.  The party are accused of aiding them and protesting their innocence vow to get it back.

          In a taxi driven by a Nocker named Georgia, they set of in quest, driven in strange and bizarre places.  At the park they meet Rasputin the juggler and are attacked by a chimerical bear, Spliff gets the chimerical shit beaten out of him.  They enter the park and confront the chimerical soldiers.  The general tells them that he is missing his bugler.

          The party set off to Kurtzwilier's Toyshop to recover the bugler.  They find that the current owner, Ernst is an autumn person, and gag and tie him up before his banality can hurt them too much.  They recue the bugler and start gathering the toys together.

          At a small park they confront Malacar and wrestle to box off him, Malacar uses Wayfare to escape, but leaves his false eye behind.  The party take the eye which feels like it is a relic of some sort.  Sliique tries to prevent all this from happening, but gets beaten and horrible things done to her by Sock Knife and Garratt.